Whether it's high in the mountains, on a beach, or in a forest meadow, you deserve the perfect photo. I’m here to help you capture moments that last a lifetime.
I don’t just take photos; I capture the essence of your moments. Each image tells a part of your unique story, allowing you to relive and treasure those precious times forever.

Buckle up, because life used to be a whirlwind for me! Soaring through the skies as a flight attendant meant new places every week, but eventually, I traded my wings for a different kind of adventure – capturing life's magic through my lens.

Sean Drury Photography, Photographer, Sydney Photographer, Wedding Photographer
Sean Drury, Sydney wedding and lifestyle photographer. Sydney wedding photographer Sean Drury. Portrait of Sean Drury, wedding and lifestyle photographer. Specific (depending on the image):  Sean Drury smiling and holding a camera. Sean Drury standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sean Drury in a relaxed pose, ready to capture your special moments.

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